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August 16, 2011 Field Day Photos and Information


Our first field day was held August 16, 2011 with a tour of the watershed, including the USGS outlet gage site on the Salt Fork River, Les Olsen Farm, and equipment display in Royal.


Bruce Stikkers discussing the overall project at the Royal Community Building.

On the Salt Fork at the USGS gaging station, the first stop. Lowell Gentry discussed monitoring here, and the loss of nitrogen fertilizer down the river.


Bruce again, talking about nutrient losses at the bridge site.

Richard Cooke explaining how managed drainage works on Les Olsen's farm, standing near the control structure.


Lowell Gentry on Les Olsen's farm, showing how well the managed drainage worked for the year.

Final view of managed drainage stop.


Dan Schaffer talking about nutrient application techniques with equipment display at the Royal Community Building, the final stop on the tour.

Equipment used for deep placement of nutrients on display.


Dan and the crowd gathered.



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